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Senior Living

Give the gift of sight this holiday season
Learn how you can give the gift of sight this holiday season.
How to adjust to new hearing aids
Think you're too young for retirement planning? Think again
What it will take to double pancreatic cancer survival by 2020
Best holiday gift for seniors? Teach them how to use tech to stay connected
Living with asthma? Get smart about the flu
Survey: Baby boomers say fear is primary health motivator
Learn why baby boomers say fear is primary health motivator, according to a recent survey.
What are you doing to find relief from chronic pain?
Take your medicine: 5 steps to make sure you don't miss a dose
The easiest way to prevent diseases: take care of your teeth
Hearing aids can help you avoid the stress of family gatherings
Double check your medicine labels; don't double up on acetaminophen
Taking a cue from the rich and famous
Screening with 'Pap HPV' is the preferred method for women aged 30-65 in the fight against cervical cancer
Attention needed: the lung disease you may not know you have
Educational events connect local Parkinson's communities with resources and support
A personalized approach to treating metastatic melanoma
5 tips to better manage your COPD
Renovating to age in place? Focus efforts and budgets on bathrooms and kitchens, experts say
Carotid artery ultrasound screening: is it beneficial?
Rewiring aging [Infographic]
A look at how senior citizens are using technology.
The most treatable serious senior health issue: loneliness
Living with leukemia: Tips for patients, caregivers on managing the disease
5 surprising superfoods for baby boomers
5 tips to make Medicare Open Enrollment easier
Matters of the heart: Understanding atrial fibrillation
Smarter ways to manage menopause
4 reasons traveling to Suzhou China is the trip of a lifetime
Travel to Suzhou China for an unforgettable trip
Cancer clinical trials: An option often overlooked
5 ways hearing aids may help you avoid cognitive decline, dementia
Redefining good days while living with breast cancer
Patients with rare blood cancers find strength in sharing information
Hoarding on the rise: How to spot warning signs
Nine in ten cardiovascular doctors support vascular screening for people with risk factors
Misconceptions about the #1 cancer killer
Hallucinations and delusions: Surprisingly common occurrence in Parkinson's disease
Heart yourself with Omega-3s
Was George Washington an adulterer?
Shooting blanks: George Washington fathered a country but not kids
George Washington's bloody death
Did George Washington sound like a wimp?
George Washington could be a big fat liar
6 tips from 'The Patient's Playbook' for staying safe in the hospital
5 ways grandparents can stay in touch with friends and family anywhere
Waking up to hearing loss
The 5 worst times to be your own photographer
New technologies can help short circuit your chronic pain
Customized knee implants offer advantages to patients
Empower yourself: Questions to ask your doctor about managing sickle cell disease
Seniors often in denial about hearing loss: Are you one of them?
Seniors are often in denial about hearing loss. Are you one of them?
7 tips to avoid lottery scams
Create your own personal pension? It's possible
Recognizing the first steps to ward off a second seizure
Dermatologist Q&A: essential tips for naturally vibrant and moisturized skin
More than a million Americans are unaware they are infected with a potentially life-threatening virus
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